Did you know that there is a very profound form of soft-tissue treatment called Visceral Manipulation that helps resolve internal restrictions within the viscera (tissue supporting the internal organs) within the abdominal cavity.

When restrictions occur organs, valves and supporting structures can sometimes loose the ability to move freely. Each organ has an inherent movement, without that movement structures of the body start to over compensate. This can then lead from a simple functional problem such as IBS to a more serious structural problem which could then lead to a decline in health leading to possible surgery.





In order for your body to function correctly and for all your systems to work in harmony it is essential that your internal organs all have the ability to move freely without restriction. Emotional tension can have a very negative impact on our organ health, causing many problems such as IBS, Crohn’s, anxiety and depression as well as fits of anger and rage. Have you ever noticed the link between periods of great difficulty in your life and stomach and gut issues? maybe feelings of weakness and tiredness, general malaise and low par. This can all be related to internal restrictions that can easily be released.

By gentle manual therapy (similar to remedial massage) the practitioner can identify restrictions within the body and gently encourage full motility back to the liquid world where the organs live. Before the therapy takes place a full consultation is taken down in order to make sure all the patients concerns are addressed, the treatment is very gentle and the client can feel very different even after the first treatment has taken place. 

Did you know that left sided shoulder and neck pain can be caused by issues related to your Liver? Maybe re-current shoulder pain treatment is not working, combining Visceral Manipulation with some positional release therapy or KMI Myofascial Integration can resolve chronic shoulder pain for very long periods of time.

If you would like more information on Visceral Manipulation you can contact Russell directly to discuss your background and general health. Look out for more information on this website about Visceral Manipulation in Brighton & Hove, there will be a full page devoted to this treatment shortly under the heading Visceral Manipulation & organ Therapy

Treatment is available at this time by calling or emailing Russell Halil directly on 07904-567469 / contact@russellhalilmassagetherapy.co.uk