Thai Foot Massage & Reflexology in Hove UK


Wat Pho Temple in Bangkok

will forever be considered the spiritual home of Thai massage. The Wat Pho traditional Thai Foot Massage & Reflexology treatment in Hove could possibly be the most relaxing and profound foot massage you will ever likely receive.


Thai Foot Massage in Hove with Russell Halil
This Foot Massage in Hove UK

is an ancient Chinese massage that has been adopted by Thai tradition and has been used for over 3000 years. The massage is so powerful it has proven to help prevent varied ailments and in certain cases; help prevent and stop disease in its tracks especially dysfunction of the digestive tract as well as emotional tension stored in our organs.

Thai Foot Massage in Hove with Russell Halil can also help to alleviate headaches, deep emotional tension, asthma, constipation, sinusitis as well as many other health related problems by working on SEN LINES where prana (life force) flows or in certain circumstances has been blocked leading to dysfunction.

Thai Foot Massage Hove also works on reflexology meridians from Chinese medicine, these meridians relate to organ, skeletal, and all systems of the body allowing ones true self to re-surface from within the sub-stratum.


Further benefits
  • Improving health and wellbeing by opening wind gates in the body that allow for far greater energy flow
  • Balance the body’s natural elements which allows for far greater homeostasis. Typical positive results can include; far greater digestive flow and relief from emotional disturbances and depression
  • On a more superficial level a far greater mechanical relationships between the foot, knee and hip by re-setting all the arches and canopy of the foot
  • Deep Relaxation placing the receiver into a dream like Yogic Nedra state
How is it received?

Thai Foot Massage & Reflexology in Hove with Russell Halil at SEA Therapy UK can be received fully clothed other than a need to roll trousers up over the knees, it can be received reclining or laying on a very comfortable massage couch in a very warm and congenial environment, or on a traditional reclining chair….

Russell Halil of Sea Therapy Hove

Things to consider
  • The client should not eat for at least one hour before the massage
  • Should not be received during pregnancy
  • Should not be received if the client has heart problems (speak to therapist)
  • Should not be received if the client has a cold, flu or temperature
  • Cream is used which has natural healing properties – directly made in Wat Pho 
  • 1 Hour £45
  • 90 Minutes £50
  • 120 Minutes £80 (Including Neck, Shoulder, & Back Massage or Myofascial Release)