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Sports Massage Therapy £50 1 Hour and £75 for 90 Minutes

Blending Structural Integrative Myofascial Release with Sports Massage Therapy - Discount Packages Available for 2019 Brighton Marathon Runners

Russell Halil CMT.Cy.ed.ISRM.IASI

Has a background in Sports Science spanning over 25 years. An ex Personal Trainer at Earl’s Court Gym & Jubilee Hall Covent Garden with a background in competitive sports at Junior British Champion qualifier level. Russell has an extensive background in Strength and Conditioning and Advanced Exercise Perscription using ACSM “American College of Sports Medicine” protocols. He is also a level 5 Sport’s Massage Therapist & Structural Bodyworker with Anatomy Trains KMI

My Sports Massage sessions are designed to gain very longlasting, effective results to help you through any modality of competitive or non competitive sporting event such as Marathon – Triathlon – Cross Fit – Cycling or general sports activity for leisure time. I use a combination of Sports Massage techniques including MET, PNF, STR combined with Structural Integration Techniques, Thai Medical Massage and Spinal / Joint Manipulation and Adjustment (Oxford University – John Gibbons Body Master)

For more information on how I can help you devise a strategy for treatment for your next sporting event, contact me directly on 07904-567469 or email me at

Sporting injuries I treat on a regular basis include:

Shin Splints

Medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS). This very painful condition normally show’s itself as acute – severe or chronic “pain along the inner edge of the shinbone (Tibia).

Shin splints are usually caused by overload to the connective tissue, trapping energy which locks the lower chamber of the limb in-place. This can prevent the appropriate rotational movements from the limbs which allow for energy to be transported throughout the fascial webbing which permeates the muscular wall’s, helping to create tensegrity and balanced fascial loading

Book a one hour Sports Massage in Hove to help deal with an isolated issue.

Book a ninety minute Sports Massage in Hove if you want a more global (all-round) remedy to help keep Shin splints at bay

This treatment uses a combination of techniques to foster great long lasting results which can help you to go on training and enjoy your training or race. This could be Brighton Marathon 2019 or maybe the Brighton Triathlon, whatever your event this problem can be treated.

In addition to the treatment a small amount of rest may be required to allow inflammation to subside. Normally the R.I.C.E.R protocol is very effective “rest, ice, compression, elevation, rehabilitation”. Your be keen to get running again ASAP so Myofascial Techniques combined with Sports Massage Therapy can get you back on track much quicker than a traditional Sports Massage

Iliotibial Band Syndrome (IT Band)

So this problem can stop runners and cyclist’s literally in their track’s. There are several myth’s that mention the very positive use of Foam Roller’s and the like but the reality is that most of the time it’s not actually iliotibial band issues to blame. Most of the problems actually arise due to fascial loading within very tight connective tissue, or lateral epicondyle related problems

Further more the IT band is incredibly resilient and strong and pretty much impervious to being steam rolled by a knobbly or un-knobbly foam roller. Even the most space age foam roller will most likely not help, it may bring about the placebo of relief but the reality is that it’s regretfully not going to help. I don’t need to tell you this as most likely you would agree?

So what is it then?

There are varied theories but the one true theory has been developed by Robert Schleip PHD the director of fascial research at Ulm University in Germany. Robert is a world leading expert on connective tissue and how it can perform under load within sports.

Robert states in his award winning therapy book “fascia in sport and movement” that “Biped’s have developed a unique structure which is the dense layer of fascia on the outer-side of the hips which enables us to stabalise the hips when walking and running. Fascia’s ability to store Kinetic Energy which can be converted in order to provide motion during sports  is varied depending on the individual.  If the individuals tendons and tissue have been adapted well enough the sports person will be able to perform better without too much fascial loading (Trapped unconverted energy) 

So the reality of IT band problems can mostly be down to the individual not being conditioned enough for the load he or she is placing their body under. All is not lost as within Structural Integration and Rolfing there are techniques that can greatly assist with helping to push these energy blockages out of the body. Helping to promote far greater fibre arrangement, fibre loosening which allows far greater slide and glide of the components of the leg. Of-course footwear can also come into the equation as well as possible issues with the relationship between the foot, knee and hip

Instead of a traditional Sports Massage why not book a KMI Myofascial Integration session which you should find not only very educational but also very rewarding and effective at resolving the problem. This treatment can also look at the body’s adaptability and help to create a strategy to introduce far greater center of gravity.

Most runners will know that center of gravity is very important when it comes to locomotion. The more agile you are the quicker you are. The more genetically aligned you are the less drag you will take on, slowing you down and creating more undesirable fascial loading. If this sounds complicated don’t worry, it’s a very simple treatment to receive which is similar but not the same to very good sports massage therapy.

90 Minutes £65 or 60 Minutes £45 (Special Offer)