Dear Reader

Do you have strong emotions and feelings that you have held with you since birth – Maybe an emotion or a thought that you have held within you for as long as you can remember?  

Carl Jung the famous Swiss Psychiatrist penned the phrase “Archetypes” these deeply intrenched feelings that could very much shape and form the direction and behavioural patterns of our lives. Some deemed as positive and some deemed as negative and highly obtrusive, some very useful….

An example being ” Since I was born I have always had this pent up anger”, or maybe “since I can remember I have always had this feeling of sadness, or maybe of loss”, or maybe I had this feeling that I had been here before and that I am a born Leader, a Healer, or maybe an Instrument feels extremely natural or a person you feel certain you have met before!

Past Life Regression Therapy

The most heavily charged feelings and emotions that we hold deep within our subconscious mind (Also known as complex’s) can normally block us from returning to our true nature, our true nature being one of total peace and nirbanna. In order for us to evolve and grow we must bring these emotions and blocks, or maybe we can also call them a type Archetype into a place where we can work on them, where we can transform them and integrate them into our being by bringing them once and for all to the surface and then finally letting them go!  

(To let them go you say, Yes but how? I’ve tried everything but they just keep coming back)

With all the greatest intentions and strategies we can try to work on our shadows, our habits and our patterns, these complex deeply rooted feelings that keep sabotaging our peace of mind, our tranquility and our birth right to live a life free from feelings of pain, fear and other powerful emotions that can take away all our energy and even go as far as to manifest our dis-eases on all levels of being, energetically, physically and emotionally

Regardless of your belief’s in life did you know that with the help of a professionally trained therapist you could access these emotions through the use of Hypnotic Regression Therapy. A therapy that will allow you to safely regress back to a time and place before Utero (Birth) and beyond to a past life scenario where the deeply rooted emotion was originally created!

Regardless of what you believe I will be able to allow your mind to present to you images of these lives or life, allowing you to re-live the events safely in a controlled environment with a view to working with you to help you transform the emotion and the thoughts that go with it; in order that you can remove these deeply rooted stuck emotions from your DNA, to erase the echo of the power that they hold over you and to help you start to feel more whole again, to restore fragments of the soul that have been left behind or maybe just to remove painful feelings that are currently steering your life into old familiar patterns.