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I provide a mixed medium Deep Tissue Massage in order for you to get the very best results. The massage can be flowing and deep, strong or gentle involving stretches and rocking in order to stimulate the para-sympathetic nervous system to induce feelings of deep relaxation and to allow you to let go.

I also work on acupressure points taken from Chinese Medicine as well as Thai Sen Lines (Known as Sen Sib) this will invigorate you and make your feel refreshed and new, removing heaviness from all over the body

Areas people really like being targeted are the shoulder girdle and neck. The positive results and affects are rapid and very long lasting. I normally close a session with some gentle cranial sacral therapy to help you feel fully integrated and relaxed.

Deep Tissue Massage (

Did you know that some Deep Tissue Massage can be used to help unburden clients from  deeply rooted emotional pain, this pain or trauma could have been dwelling in the tissue memory for decades. Emotional pain can have a great impact on our welfare, especially our state of mind and emotional health which are one of the same. When we go through a trauma such as loosing a loved one,  an accident maybe; all these factors can greatly affect our wider health which can negatively impact some of the decisons we make in life, it can also affect our relationships and how we interact with our fellow man/woman. Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes, it can hide in our body for decades. Sometimes after a deep tissue massage it is very common for you to feel feelings of de-ja-vu, euphoria, and sometimes pain and sadness. Whatever you feel you should allow the body to go through this process as this is the process of healing and purification.

If feelings are surpressed it can lead to IBS, Croyn’s, and some times rage and anger (affecting the Gallbladder), fear  (The Liver) as well as feelings of helplessness (the heart).

Whatever your physical and emotional welfare is that day you can rest assured you will be nurtured and looked after and provided with the best therapy available.

“The Tissue Never Lies” Jean Pierre Barral

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Deep Tissue Massage