Abdominal Chi Massage (also known as Chi Nei Tsang) is an ancient Taoist massage that detoxifies, regenerates and balances each of the body’s vital functions. It helps release unresolved emotions that can cause digestive problems, abdominal pain, depression and anxiety, as well as IBS “Irritable Bow Syndrome”. 

Chi Nei Tsang therapy and massage in Hove UK involves using a gentle, soft, and deep touch to the abdomen to detoxify, replenish and tone, and energise the internal organs to work more efficiently and to deal with unprocessed emotional charges.

This wonderful therapy carried out by Russell Halil at SEA Therapy UK in Brighton and Hove works the internal structures of the body to help upgrade and promote far greater flow of life giving nutrients and fresh energy (also known as Chi). Without regular energy processing and detoxification the metabolic processes such as digestion can fall into dysfunction causing symptoms such as IBS “Irritable Bow Syndrome”. 

Within our internal organs emotions are stored, some negative and some positive, this could include emotions of trauma and grief that can anchor an individual in a state of depression. Blockages and trapped emotions can go on to cause pain, inflammation, and emotional weakness.  Pain is a double edged sword, we can either ignore it and hope that it goes away or we can confront this pain and fear and try to allow the body to self-heal with some intervention such as Abdominal Chi Massage in Brighton & Hove. 

“A wound in the soul is harder to treat than a bruised muscle, especially when part of us does not want to admit that the wound exist’s”. 


Most chronic health problems result from past situations where the individual never acknowledged, dealt with, or healed effectively. These old stories get locked into our internal organs and tissues, causing a plethora of issues that society normally directs to diet as well as medical conditions and so called syndromes (I so hate that word). Although healthy eating and diet are extremely important to our physical and emotional welfare; emotions that we bottle up or ignore can have a far more greater negative impact on our well-being, this could manifest in anger, constant fear, anxiety, and of-course more obvious symptoms such as the IBS, headaches, swelling etc. Chi Nei Tsang in Brighton & Hove


“We need to come to terms with the message behind the symptoms, a message that we need help and that all is not well” Russell Halil

To book a sequence of Chi Nei Tsang  – Abdominal & Organ Massage in Brighton & Hove with Russell Halil at SEA Therapy UK you can call me directly on 07904-567469

Or if you prefer, for prices & availability you can email Russell Halil directly at contact@russellhalilmassagetherapy.co.uk