Anatomy Trains Structural Integration in Brighton & Hove UK

Structural Bodywork – Myofascial Integrative Therapy

Your body is an incredible structure all beautifully woven together and bound by an electrically charged collagenous tissue known as fascia also known as connective tissue. This life giving tensional fabric plays a vital role in giving your body shape and form hopefully leading to good alignment and postural health and wellbeing.  

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The Fascial System – The New Way of Thinking – Myofascial Release

This form of clinical therapy (similar to remedial massage) is a very powerful and long lasting gentle form of manual soft-tissue therapy applied to help re-align the muscular skeletal system by gentle hands on therapy to help bring the body’s fascial tensegrity back into far greater aligment and structural balance. This therapy is normally received over a small sequence of sessions depending on your requirements

This treatment is great for helping with postural problems as well as varied medical complaints such as

  • Hip Hikes (Sacral Slips)
  • Foot pain (Plantar Fascitis)
  • Knee Tracking issues (Patella Tendonopathy) LCL – MCL – ACL
  • Neck pain (Anterior Tilts – Cervical Spondylosis – Disc Dysfunction – Facet Joint Dysruption)
  • Shoulder pain (Impingement – Medial Rotations – Rotator Cuff issues – Bursitis)
  • Lower Back-Pain (Nerve Impingement – Post operative recovery – Disc Imobility – Facet Joint Dysruption – Trauma)
  • Scolliosis – Lordosis – Kyphosis (Grade 1-4)
  • TM/JD Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (Jaw aligment issues – Trigeminal Nerve Iritation – Bruxism – Anxiety – Insomnia)
  • Thoracic Inlet / Outlet issues 
  • Pudendal Nerve pain 

skeletons diagram

Below is a short Video by Tom Myers from explaining the vital role of fascia and tensegrity.

How does KMI Myofascial Integration work and who can benefit from it?

Structural Bodywork and KMI Myofascial Integration is for everyone especially sports professionals, desk workers and anyone suffering from chronic pain and tension.  This very powerful form of manual therapy is great for treating sports injury as well as resolving deep myofascial / muscular tension as well as greatly improving joint and soft-tissue mobility issues in the neck and shoulder girdle.

This manual therapy that can be blended with massage can also be used to help unburden people from long standing historical deep emotional pain stored within their tissue memory for people that have suffered from trauma, surgery, emotional disturbances, depression and anxiety.   

This powerful form of manual therapy owes its origins to the late chiropractor, osteopath and biochemist; Ida P Rolf (pictured below) who designed Rolfing.  There are many forms of manual therapy working with the connective tissue; I offer a mix of rolfing and structural Integrative therapy which can also be known as direct and indirect myofascial release.  

Ida Rolf Massage

This form of very relaxing soft-tissue hands on therapy uses Tomas Myers Anatomy Trains as a coherent road-map to the body (pictured below).  Trying to give a description of how the treatment feels I would say that it is very  similar to osteopathic soft tissue work without the cavitation (joint gapping),  combined with elements of physical therapy and orthopedic massage.

anatomy slide


The treatment can be carried out in a single session over one hour or ninety minutes or for far better results you may consider investing your time into a very rewarding sequence of sessions that should be carried out every two weeks until the whole body has been fully structurally balanced and integrated. The end result having an extremely positive outcome with your health and wellbeing.


So what are some of the benefits of creating far greater structural balance?


  • Restoring mobility to all the arches of the feet
  • Re-introducing greater union of the foot, knee, and hip and its interrelationship
  • Re-balancing pelvic girdle alignment
  • Creating and restoring optimal breathe for far greater vitality and energy
  • Allowing the spine to float and function at its optimum, freeing rotations and bends in the spine
  • Helping to release negative emotions deep within the body’s soft-tissue and viscera
  • Restoring far better digestion and absorption of all nutrients by releasing energy blockages
  • Creating far batter hormonal balance that will help fight infection, strengthening immune response