Professional Qualifications

Structural Integrative Therapy & Visceral Manipulation
  • Structural Integration  James Earls / Anatomy Trains + Visceral Manipulation (Barral Institute) Alison Harvey VM1
  • Anatomy Trains AT1 & AT2 James Earls 
  • Advanced Myofascial Therapy treating Idiopathic Scoliosis (Robert Schleip PHD)
  • Advanced Deep Tissue Massage & Fascial Therapy + Strategies for Treatment  (Art Riggs)
  • Advanced Myofascial Release using Rolfing Techniques – Inter- Relationship Foot – Knee – Hip (Art Riggs)
  • Advanced Myofascial Therapy using Rolfing Techniques – treating the Cervical Spine (Art Riggs)
  • Introduction to Myofascial Release (Andrew Chick) College Classical Massage
  • Advanced Myofascial Release Level 2 (Andrew Chick) College of Classical Massage
  • Advanced Myofascial Therapy Level 1 Level 2 (Ruth Duncan) MFR UK
Deep-Tissue-Massage and Sports and Remedial-Massage
  • Advanced Deep Tissue Massage (Art Riggs) London School of Osteopathy
  • Dip Sports Massage Therapy Level 4 ( N Mineau) Brighton City College
  • Advanced Clinical Massage (Varied Series) Jing Institute Rachel Fairweather
  • TMJ/D Inter-Oral Release Jing Institute
  • ITEC-Dip Holistic Massage & Anatomy & Physiology  Level 4 (Credit)  The Wilbury School – Vicki Bryeson
Thai Massage and Thai Massage Therapy
  • Advanced Sen Line Massage (SEN SIB) Mr Nat (Supatra Blind Masseurs) 7 days 1-1 teaching – Chiang Mai 2016
  • Chi Nei Tsang  (Abdominal Chi Massage, Visceral Manipulation) Blue Garden Chiang Mai  (Remko) 2016
  • Thai Foot Reflexology Wat Pho Medical Massage School (teacher Nok) Bangkok Thailand  2016
  • Dynamic Thai Massage (David Lut L/Osteo) Osteo Thai – Chiang Mai Thailand  5 days 2013
  • Advanced Dynamic Thai (David Lut from Osteo Thai), Sunshine School – Chiang Mai Thailand, further extensive study, 2019
  • Advanced Thai Stretches & Thai Massage  (Surian Punifoo)  Sunshine School – Chiang Mai Thailand  5 days 2012
  • Advanced Thai Therapy for Medical Conditions – Old Medicine Hospital 10 days  Mr Wasan Chaichakan 2012
  • Traditional Thai Massage (Sunshine School) Mint W  – Chiang Mai Thailand  10 days Hours
  • Advanced Sen Lines (Sen Sib) Old Medicine Hospital Chiang Mai Thailand 7 days Mr Wasan Chaichakan
  • Herbal Compress + Tok Sen Old Medicine Hospital Chiang Mai Thailand 2 days Mr Wasan Chaichakan
  • Thai Deep Tissue Massage  ITM Spa Mantra Chiang Mai Thailand 5 days 2012
Traditional Hatha Yoga
  • Dip – Certified teacher of Yoga education, traditional Indian Hatha Yoga – Yoga Vidya Dham – India 2015 – C.Y.ed 200
Health and Fitness
  • Dip Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology Y-Fit (YMCA)
  • Dip Level 4 Advanced Circuit Trainer Y-Fit (YMCA)
  • Personal Trainer ACSM Gold Standard American Colledge of Sports Medicine
  • BAWLA Olympic Lifiting and Fitness Training  Coach Level 1 (Bisham Abbey)
Chi Nei Tsang
  • Chi Nei Tsang, level 1 abdomen, Teacher Om, Omsala, One to One training, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2018
  • Chi Nei Tsang 2, Chasing winds + Further One to One , Blue Garden, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2017