About Russell Halil


An ex semi professional sportsman with over 20 years experience in well-being, starting my career as a Personal Trainer in 1990 providing strength and conditioning, rehab and fitness programs to clients based in Earls Court Gym and Jubilee Hall London.  

Moving from Personal Training to Sports Massage Therapy (Brighton College), Holistic Massage (Wilbury School) and clinical massage (JIng) and the (College of Classical Massage)

After several years supporting local sportsman at a busy clinic in Hove, I decided to set up Therapy based MSK clinic on my own.  Also training as a Structural Integrator with James Earls and Tom Myers – Anatomy Trains. After four years training in Structural Integration and varied forms of Myofascial Release I embarked upon a trip to Chaingmai Thailand to study Structural Thai Energy Lines and Traditional Thai Massage. Northern Thailand would become a big part of my life due to being able to train with very creative old masters as well as guest teachers from all around the world (David Lutt, Osteo Thai), Mr Nat (Blind Masseur) Supatra, Sunshine Massage School, Old Medicine Hospital, Omsala, Blue Garden, ITM and the great Wat Po Temple Massage School in Bangkok

Clinical & Medical

I am currently studying and have been supplying Visceral Manipulation combined with Abdominal Chi Massage to help people with emotional imbalances, intestinal and pelvic blockages, trauma and PTSD, Anxiety and depression as well as many other energetical complaints. The above is normally provided with a very creative blend of treatments, futon and couch based

Personal life

None of the above would have been possible without constant work on myself. Breakthrough’s in my own self healing over the years have taught me so much about human nature and how to get the best out of life! studying Buddhist philosophy as well as daily meditation has provided me with a very grounded and compassionate approach to my work. 

In my spare time I draw and practice Yoga as well as riding motorcycles. I am qualified to teach beginner level Hath Yoga after training in India in 2016 with Yogapoint which was one of the best experiences in my life! 

I am very interested in Shamanism and healing, this is a personal interest of mine and where I see my life path moving towards. I have been studying shamanism for two years now, mainly through personal investigation and ceremonies. I use psychedelics in a clinical setting to help clear personal and ancestral trauma as well as other sacred plants to help with spiritual growth and cleansing.  I am a practising Buddhist connected to Therevada (Forrest Tradition) Ajhan Chah and a regular attendee at Chithurst Monastery 


Russel Halil in Thailand