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About Russell Halil


I have been providing remedial therapy in Brighton & Hove for over a decade now. I started out in Holistic Massage at the Wilbury School followed by studying for a Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy & Clinical Massage (Level 5). I started my profession working in a leading Sports Injury clinic in hove where I provided therapy to help alleviate many cases of frozen shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis), lower back problems (SI joint dysfunction and Sciatica, Pelvic Tilt’s and Shifts, Rotations. knee tracking issues with Brighton Marathon runners as well as varied athletes suffering from Gait problems causing over pronation and supination as well as ITB issues. Treating many clients with chronic neck pain including Cervical Spondylitis and varied degenerative or less serious conditions affecting people’s quality of life. As well as treatment I still provide strategy’s for self-care and self-healing which is equally if not more important then external intervention.

After a motorcycle accident in 2013 lead me to receive Rolfing and Structural Integration to help aid my own recovery and self-healing, I was so impressed I decided to train with James Earls (Tom Myers) in KMI Anatomy Trains Structural Integration. I studied this line of therapy for several years as well as extensive training with advanced Rolfer’s such as Art Riggs and Robert Schleip. My other passion’s and interest’s in body-work lead me to receive training with Alison Harvey (Chiro, VM expert) at the Barral Institute. I have combined my training in Thai Medical Massage and the Taoist Abdominal Chi Massage known as Chi Nei Tsang with elements of Visceral Manipulation. Although the techniques can be very different I have found they work very well with each other and can foster very powerful healing results on a transformational level.


To recharge my batteries I travel for one to two months every year to Bangkok and Chiang Mai in South East Asia where I immerse myself in Thai Massage. This beautiful art form of bodywork has truly empowered my practice over the last decade, I also hold these regards for KMI Structural Integrative Therapy (Direct Myofascial Release) both being truly astonishing, playful and creative mediums of MSK Soft-Tissue and Somatic bodywork that can help ground us and help us reconnect to our true sense of self

I am currently looking to take up further studies in Visceral Manipulation or Visceral Manual Therapy as well ongoing continued training in Chi Nei Tsang

Teacher Training Plan’s

In 2019 I plan on providing advanced workshop’s to Massage Therapist’s, Physical Therapist’s and Yoga Teachers and complete novices in

Bodywork techniques to help transform your practice
Abdominal Chi Massage (Level 1)
Traditional Thai Massage (Level 1 – Foundation – Beginner Level)

Note all the above therapies take years to refine, my teachings will be to help people make a start or continue on a journey they have already embarked on, sharing experiences and exchanges. All teaching and therapies must be provided with compassion and true caring in mind.

With Metta

Russell Halil.CMT.IASI.CY.ed

Call Russell on Tel: 07904 – 567469


Email: contact@russellhalilmassagetherapy.co.uk