KMI Myofascial Integration

Thai Massage

Russell Halil provides remedial Deep Tissue Massage & Sports Massage Therapy - Structural Bodywork KMI & Spinal Manipulation & Mobilisation - Thai Medical Massage & Abdominal Chi Massage (Visceral Manipulation)

For Sports Injury - Muscular Skeletal Problems - Alignment Issues - Medical Conditions - Emotional Disturbances - Digestive Problems - Stress & Trauma

Shoulder Pain

For Adhesive Capsulitis (frozen shoulder) or shoulder impingement & general shoulder pain book KMI Myofascial Integration or Sports Massage Therapy

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Film x-ray normal body of child (abdomen,buttock,thigh,knee)

Resolve sacroiliac joint pain, hip & glute pain, lower back pain, pelvic tilts & leg length discrepancies,  nerve pain & sciatica book KMI Myofascial Integration or Sports Massage


Knee Pain

Resolve chronic & acute knee pain including tracking issues, Miniscus, ACL, LCL, pain & dysfunction book Sports Massage Therapy or KMI Myofascial Integration

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To aid & heal digestive disorders such as IBS, bloating, emotional pain, detoxify skin & organs,  increase energy book Chi Nei Tsang (also known as Abdominal Chi Massage & Visceral Manipulation)

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Review of Remedial Massage Therapist Russell Halil

Neck & Shoulder Pain - Impingement - Adhesive Capsulitis – Cervical Spondylosis

The neck is the hardest working part of the body. Have the neck, shoulder girdle and rotator-cuff re-balanced to help greatly improve range of movement and to combat pain

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Hip & Pelvis Pain - Sacral Slip – Lower Back-Pain - SI Joint

Can be caused by tilts, hikes and drops in the pelvis due to a build up of tension and force in the legs leading to chronic and acute back and nerve pain. Most of my treatments help to resolve this problem, especially KMI Myofascial Integration and Sports Massage

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Knee Pain - Bursitis - ACL - MCL - LCL - Miniscus impingement

Can be caused by tracking issues within the knee plus heavily loaded quadriceps and rec-fem tendinopathy. Pressure / Energy build up in the IT band, collapsed or high arches, laterally rotated femur (upper leg bone) as well as fascial restrictions and blockages

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Foot & Calf Pain - Plantar Fasciitis - Ankle Pain - Shin Pain

Can be caused by excessive ground reaction force, imbalance of the arches of the foot. Over supination and pronation of the foot as well as leg length discrepancies due to fascial restrictions throughout the body.

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Treating idiopathic scoliosis in Hove UK with Russell Halil at SEA Therapy UK

Most cases of Scoliosis are idiopathic, meaning the origin can be unknown or the reason cannot be quantified.  Most cases of Scoliosis affect more females than male, roughly around 75-80% of cases are female. Although this condition presents itself in the spine, the... read more


What is Fascia? Fascia is our body’s biological fabric known as “The Organ of Structure”. Fascia gives your body structural support and much much more…  

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We were born to walk, run and play. I may be stating the obvious but to truly walk effectively the whole body needs to pull together as a team …

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KMI Myofascial Integration ( Structural Integration) – evolved from Ida Rolf’s pioneering work in Rolfing, but substantially updated via Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains

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